Our Supporters

To start our second year, we kicked off a fundraiser to raise money to help offset the costs of purchasing new equipment that would allow us to brew bigger batches of beer. Bigger batches would allow us to get our beer out there to more and more of our fans.

One of the things that we promised to those that donated was to have their names appear on our website.


So to all of our supporters - both near and far - we say thank you!

Adam, Alex, Amber & Andy, Andy, Ashley, Brandon, Brooklyn, Emily, Erica, Evette, Jason, Jeff, Jennifer, Kristen, L & Z, Lee, Lori, Marisa, Matt, Melissa, Niri, Samantha, Sounders North, Sue, Tom, and The Yards


We are still accepting donations to help pay for supplies and other new equipment that we discover that we need.
So if you've had our beer before, or just want to help out some random home brewers, your donations would be greatly appreciated!

Other Thanks

We would also like to thank the following people who have also provided help and support to our little operation:

Mike - for wiring up our temperature controller; Becky - for giving us our chest freezer; the guys from SonarFeed - Adam, Erin, Hugo and Lee - for allowing us to make a beer for your show; Andy - for providing our inspirational quotes; Ashley from Three Kings Photography for our fancy pictures; and Josh from Brew Brand Creative for the logo.